I know what’s next for Bullet Journal!

Something’s afoot at Bullet Journal’s Headquarters. The May newsletter arrived earlier this afternoon, the first item up – a plea to ‘Help Us Make Bullet Journal Better!’ The survey that followed was pretty short. Eight questions in all. But it provides more than a few clues as to what Ryder Carroll and team have on their development roadmap.

Back in March, the Bullet Journal Companion app was released. The key feature: timed reflection reminders. Feedback via the App Store has been lukewarm at best. Lots of complaints that the majority of the content it serves can be accessed for free via the Bullet Journal website. ‘Scam’ and ‘not worth the money’  was the general consensus. Ouch. My personal feeling is that there’s lots of potential for the app, especially in the reflection space, but anyhoo.

Based on the questions in the May research piece though, there are lots of things for BuJo Junkies to look forward to…

BuJo School

Some of the best memories I have of my school days revolve around stationery. Specifically, a notebook with a plastic cover that had water and glitter in it. And Filling notebooks practising signatures in preparation for a proposal from my latest crush. So no surprise that I’d be happy to enrol in a school that was all about stationery. Well Bullet Journals, so close enough. It would most likely be paid and based around ‘in-depth video journals’. Would I be interested? Yes, yes I would.

Big ones, small ones

Don’t be surprised to see a baby BuJo in the not-too-distant future. Bullet Journal is questioning the appetite for different versions of their notebook. Pocket, larger and soft-cover are all offered as options. I voted for pocket-size. But though given the choice to endorse the current format as an alternative, I doubt it would be an either/or proposition.

More, more, more

Looks like the content on the Bullet Journal site is going to be spruced up. The offer is more interviews, more show and tells, more articles or more tutorials. They’re all about the abundance it seems, which is great news. I love the show and tells the best. What’s on Insta can be a bit intimidating, but the greater emphasis on function rather than form means that to me at least, they’re ultimately more accessible and therefore inspiring.


Ryder is being offered up for a recurring Q&A. Based on his TED Talk ‘How to Lead An Intentional Life’ I’d be well up for this. They’re also seeking specific questions so this one will more than likely happen soonish, though not sure on frequency. I can think of lots of things I’d like to ask, first up, when can we have more colours?!

And finally my favourite idea of them all…

Top of the class

This isn’t a million miles away from the school suggestion so maybe the question the Bullet Journal team is debating is whether this works best online or in person. Having attended a couple of workshops at Kikki K for their Goals and Habits journals (post coming soon), I’d say the workshop is much the better of these two school-type ideas. And the BuJo community is so strong, why not provide a space for real world interactions and buddying.


I honestly have no clue on when or even if all of these ideas will make it past the research stage. My predictions are solely based on the questions they’re asking in this months newsletter. But it’s clear that Ryder Carroll is looking beyond the BuJo itself and that there are ambitious growth plans in the pipeline. Interesting that there was no comparative element though between the various ideas so maybe it’s more about how they’ll happen. When I first found Bullet Journal, I remember the emphasis on evolution. Whatever comes to fruition I’ve no doubt that BuJo will continue to grow. And I’m super excited about it!

Time to dust off my BuJo kit and plan my first spread I think. But before you go, be interested to hear which of these gets your pulse rate pounding:

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