Stationery Addict Starter Kit: D is for…


Where else will you keep all your stationery?  Muji and Block do some of my favourite desk accessories.  And if you’re proud of how pretty yours looks, check out the desk hashtags on Instagram.

Dot grid 

Blank pages are scary, ruled too restrictive, and squared scarily reminiscent of school maths lessons.  Enter dot grid, the perfect compromise.  Moleskine and Leuchtturm are two mainstream brands that both do great dotted notebooks. They’re ideal for bullet journalling, too.  Ryder Carroll linked up with Leuchtturm  to create the official Bullet Journal, which now comes in a choice of black, emerald or, most recently, nordic blue.


There are a whole host of days for stationery addicts to get excited about. Yes, they’re a marketing ploy, but who cares when its a perfect excuse to buy more of what you love. I’ve posted on a few of my upcoming favourites. My favourite? National Notebook Day obvs!


With agendas and planners taking centre stage, the humble diary has started to seem a little basic. But it still has its place in my opinion. Smythson, Hobo, Filofax are all brands with great diaries.


There aren’t many planner brands that don’t provide a blank space for doodling in their standard spreads. Names, flowers, squares, what you doodle can reveal all sorts about your personality. I always do my name is bubble writing. No, I’m not sure why, either.

Missed a letter?

A is for…

B is for…

C is for…

Wondering what this is all about? Check out my Stationery Addict Starter kit intro post