Stationery Addict Starter Kit

From addict to geek

I had a few dozen notebooks and an unhealthy obsession with Paperchase. I’d been recognised as a full-blown stationery addict by a Buzzfeed quiz that declared me 93% stationery-obsessed. Back then I was a #stationeryaddict. Now I’m a #stationerygeek. You might think these terms are interchangeable, but they’re not – in the same way a flat white is not just a different name for a wet cappuccino – coffee chains take note!

The journey from addiction to geekdom is relatively short, but circuitous and riven with tangents. When I started out I was all about the notebooks, but while that remains the case, I’m also rediscovering my school girl passion for fountain pens. And slightly more randomly, pencil cases.

Stationery addict starter kit

Of course the stationery journey is not a bad one to get lost on, but if you are looking for a little guidance, I’ve pulled together some terms, brands and whatnot that you might like to check out. A stationery addict starter kit if you will. The kit is an alphabetised list of stuff that any self-respecting stationery addict needs to know about. 

A is for…

B is for…

C is for…

Do check back for regular updates.