Stationery addict problems

I’ve been a stationery addict for as long as I can remember, but it’s not always easy.  There are lows and lowers to even this most harmless of addictions. Like…

…When you fall in love with a notebook cover only to find the paper inside is lined. Why are the prettiest covers always paired with lined paper. Seriously, I need to know.

When you sharpen your pencil and the lead breaks as soon as you touch it to the paper. Infuriating.

When a notebook is perfect in every way, but the paper has the worst show through. This one is a particular bug bear for us stationery addicts that use fountain pens. 

When someone asks to borrow your fountain pen. And then looks affronted when you refuse on the basis that it will ruin the nib. Honestly, it’s a real thing, isn’t it? 

Let the stationery-related ranting continue

Yes, I’m on a roll now, so what about…

…When you sharpen your pencil slowly, deliberately, with infinite care and patience and the shaving splits in half at the crucial moment. Haven’t managed a perfect curl yet.

When you buy a lined notebook in a rush and then realise it’s narrow-ruled. Stationers, please spare a thought for those of us with big bubbly handwriting.

When you spend £££ on stationery every month, own numerous pencil cases and inexplicably find yourself needing to borrow a pen from a stranger. This happens to me more or less on a daily basis.

When you go to purchase a fountain pen and they only have the narrow nib in stock. I cannot be alone in wanting to write a 0.6+ line.

When someone rips a page from your notebook along the spine when the pages are perforated for this exact reason.  It’s bad as people who squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the tube, amirite?

When you feel the need to have a dedicated notebook for every new idea, fill one or two pages and then realise it’s rubbish and have to abandon it. This has been the ruin of so many beautiful notebooks for me. 

When you spend ages deciding which colour notebook cover suits your mood only to find that the matching pen loop is out of stock. Yes of course you can mix and match but I’m a fan of matchy match stuff. 

When you struggle to commit to one journal and need to fill in six different ones each week. Regular readers will know I have a particular penchant for list journals but I also keep a track of my habits, goals, dreams  – anything they make a journal for essentially.

Time to take a breath

Stationery addict problems are obviously a cause close to my heart. I could go on, and on and on. Instead, I will take a deep breath, tamp down the rage, fill in a page of my mindfulness journal and focus on the highs of being a stationery addict.

Look out for my next post on the best things about being a stationery addict. And if you have any stationery addict problems you’d like to share, let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

4 Replies to “Stationery addict problems”

  1. Poor quality paper inside a flashy covered notebook is one of my worst nightmares!

    The worst of all though, is coming to the end of your favourite notebook and it no longer being available to buy!

    1. Yes! Both of these things. It’s such a disappointment when a notebook is all style and no substance. I agree, too, about the sadness of a favourite notebook running out. I have one particular limited edition Field Notes that will soon run out so I’ve been writing in super small letters.

  2. or… and this really annoys the heck out of me… when you attempt to carefully separate your page from the tablet and it just tears away as if the perforation doesn’t even exist… (Frankly I can’t believe they haven’t fixed that)

    1. Agreed. This has caused me an inordinate amount of rage. The tears always cut right though something important, too!

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