Papergang Subscription Box No. 16 Review

Last week, Friday became Fri-yay when the postie turned up with my June Papergang subscription box. And it felt heavy. Really heavy, which I knew could only be a good thing.

I’d already fallen in love with photographer Susan Castillo’s design from seeing sneak previews on Instagram. And it didn’t disappoint. The moody greens and purples were super atmospheric. And the delicate veins in the leaves absolutely popped.

The look and feel brought to mind the real spirit of fairy tales, Grimm rather than Disney, and was all the better for it. The subject may have been house plants, but I couldn’t help but think enchanted forest.

The other Papergangsters

Of course this post is all about what I found inside my subscription box as well as the gorgeous outer. But before the gushing begins in earnest, I feel I need to take a moment to acknowledge the other paper gangsters on #Papergang. And I don’t mean my fellow stationery addicts.

I’m talking about the champagne-swilling, rhyme-spitting, smoke-blowing, party-going, money-throwing guys and gals who post at will without a notebook in sight. I love that one hashtag can bring two random tribes together in this way. There’s something sort of beautiful about it. Now onto the stationery.

Let the gushing commence!

First up a slim brass ruler – this is where the weight of the box has come from. It’s the perfect size for the Nahe pouch I picked up at Papersmiths the other week. I’ll use it to draw out sections in my dot grid Moleskine bullet journal. It’s so handy to have a ruler that looks like it was made for a grown up. A definite step up from the plastic one I bought as part of a back-to-school geometry set.

Next, a 15cm birthday card. See, already putting that ruler to good use! The inside is blank. And I’ve got the perfect recipient in mind.

Dark Botany notebook by Susan Castillo for Ohh Deer

The notebook is a linen-covered affair entitled ‘Notes’. When you run your fingers across the cover it makes a luxuriant whispery sound. Inside, the pages are lined and feature  a year, month, day prompt to the top left. It feels substantial and well worth the stated RRP.

Finally the obligatory calendar card. It boasts a leafy design in keeping with the overall theme of ‘dark botany’.

June subscription box summarised

All-in-all, I’m really happy with this box. It feels super high-end, so hopefully everything I write and rule with its contents will be of similar quality. Fingers crossed.

My next Papergang box is due at the end of July. And you can read my review of Box No.15 here.

In the meantime, I’m off to party like a Papergangster.



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