Papergang Box No. 15 Review

Came home to find Papergang Box No.15 waiting for me. Hurrah! And it’s full of lovely things as you’d expect. Since I saw My Girl in my formative years, I’ve been kinda ambivalent about bees. No more. This box, combined with Seinfeld’s Bee Movie, has fully rehabilitated them in my eyes. So how did Papergang bring about this volte face?

Well, let’s start with the box. Beautifully illustrated with the word Papergang cut out in caps. I immediately set about it with a pair of scissors. Sharp intakes of breath all round, but no, I hadn’t taken leave of my senses.  There was a bee outline to fold. Full disclosure, this took me far longer than it should have done. But the end result is pretty cute.

The star of the show

First thing out of the box, a green felt notebook with long stitch binding in yellow. This binding technique dates back to medieval times. The signatures (blocks of paper) are sewn straight onto the cover – there’s three in this case. The paper quality is good and works nicely with a fountain pen. Sorry for geeking out here. I’ve pinned lots of book-binding tutorials over the last day or so as I gear up to make my very own notebook soon. Exciting! But I digress.

The envelope style complete with popper makes me want to say ta-dah every time I open this notebook. The first thing you see is a sweet illustration to stake your claim so no-one can steal it. Part of me sort of wishes it had said ‘this book bee-longs to’ in keeping with the theme. Thankfully Papergang is probably a touch too sophisticated for such an awful and obvious pun, even if I’m not.

Next up is a yellow pencil with black eraser and the words ‘busy bee’ in gold.This will be the thing I use first, I think.

Everyday a learning day

Then there are three postcards. Each depicts a  type of bee – queen, male and worker. The illustrations are annotated with descriptions of the roles each type of bee plays. No doubt these cards will come in handy if I ever get to go to one of the ‘Bumblebees for Beginners’ classes the Bumblebee Conservation Trust is running. Bee identification is a thing dontcha know.

Lastly, a calendar for the month of July. Its bronze tones give it a slightly different feel to the other items in the box. The reverse is blank – I can imagine using it to write down important appointments I’ve got coming up.

I say lastly, but actually I also got an iron-on Drew patch as this is my first Papergang box – it makes my membership official. This is destined for either a tote bag or the patchwork quilt I’ve been planning.

It’s the little things

Overall, a great first box for me – it’s whetted my appetite for what’s to come next. But in the meantime, I’ve got lots to feed my stationery addiction. The origami bee was a nice touch – it made me get stuck into the box and now I feel more able to use the other stuff. Weird, maybe, but when things are new and/or pretty, sometimes I find it hard to dive straight in.

I also loved the font used on the annotations on the postcards. Its playful feel was the perfect counterpart to the educational aspect.

Off to watch a Macaulay Culkin film now. Is it close enough to Christmas yet for Home Alone?

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