Notes on #nationalnotebookday

When I first heard that National Notebook Day was a thing I was beyond excited. It’s true, for stationery addicts arguably everyday is notebook day. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t nice to make it official once a year. Lots of pretty floating around on Insta. My own personal celebration was a post on some of my used notebooks and it was heartening to see how any notebook addicts there are out there. I spent a good chunk of the day browsing through some of what was shared. Here are some of the things I loved and learned on National Notebook Day 2017.

Dogs love notebooks, too

The canine community joined in the celebrations. My own terrier Posy is quite partial to a Pukka Pad. Letters and the posties that deliver them not so much. Key #stationerylove nuance here.

There’s a whole lot of love for Leuchtturm

Formerly a cult brand, Leuchtturm is in the midst of a mainstream moment. It’s the colours that keep them coming back. I spotted more than a few rainbow shots.

Lines rule

Those that bared their souls inside pages were all about the lines. Nothing wrong with keeping it classic. My personal preference is dot grid but probably only because I’ve had my head turned by the BuJo phenomenon. Damn you Ryder Carroll.

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#NationalNotebookDay the Epic way. 📒

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Notebook addicts need a cataloguing system…

Yarn addicts have Ravelry, book addicts have Library Thing, but what about us notebook addicts. We need something, too. I’d want to categorise by cover, by format, by size and also ideal usage.


…And a collective noun

People on the national notebook day hashtag talked about their notebook collection, or their notebook stash, but these don’t quite cut it for me. In my mind a stash is always yarn. Notebooks need their own thing. To be accepted as collective noun it needs to feel evocative in some way. My suggestion? A scribble of notebooks.

Only 353 sleeps until National Notebook Day 2018!

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