Notebook conundrums

Any day that involves shopping for notebooks should be a good day, but am I alone in finding it all a bit too much sometimes? With multiple options for covers, formats, layouts, and sadly a finite budget, choosing a new notebook is no easy matter.

One of the most stressful notebook shopping trips ever was when I jumped on the BuJo bandwagon back in September. At that time official Bullet Journals had sold out and the idea of customising for ultimate utility seemed to make more sense anyway.

Leuchtturm or Moleskine was the first conundrum. The general consensus from the blogosphere was that both would work so it came down to accessibility – and Moleskine has a shop in Covent Garden. Hard or soft cover was the next dilemma, followed closely by squares or dots.

BuJo Burnout

The stress that this caused, and believe me it was stressful, led me to three conclusions:

  1. There’s no such thing as the perfect notebook (N.B. This maxim also applies to shoes, bags etc. etc.)
  2. It’s easier to choose a notebook when you don’t have a set purpose in mind for it
  3. The Paradox of Choice can apply even when you only had a couple of options to start with.

This final conclusion is borne out in the fact that even though I bought my BuJo kit more than four months ago, it remains unused!

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