Notebook and lyrics – no no notorious

So I’m feeling pretty damn proud of myself for getting my hands on one of these bad boys. The pink cloth binding. The gold foil accent. And who doesn’t love a notebook cover inspired by the lyrics of mid-noughties gangster rap?!

DESIGNWORKS INK – please can we have a whole range of these? Hope you don’t mind me sharing some suggestions…

Biggie ideas

Cover quote: Sicka than yo’ average
Artist: Biggie Smalls AKA Notorious BIG
Proposed format: cloth-bound in m
int green with gold foil accent, dot grid

I’d use this for recording stuff that goes well. For keeping a list of wins or achievements, if you will. I do win lists at work all the time. People laugh when I tell them, but when there’s lots going on it’s great to keep everything you’ve already achieved front of mind. And Yes, BTW, I am also one of those people that writes stuff I’ve already done on my to-do list just so I can check it off! 

Payday partay

Cover quote: 1st of tha month
Artist: Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
Proposed format: Leather-bound, with silver foil accent, lined accountancy-style

This would be for budgeting.The inside spreads would be designed for logging money in and money out. And could there be a ‘splurge and save’ section to note items you’ve splashed out on and where you’ve enconomised. Maybe the save section could have a little star by it as a reward. 

Write for this love

Cover quote: Do for love
Artist: Tupac
Proposed format: Cloth-bound in black with red foil accent, unlined

This would be a relationship journal of course! Maybe the inside cover could have space for two names under the ‘This journal belongs to’ heading and there’d be space to write up the dates you’d been on, where you went, what you did. And maybe a space to keep track of nice things or compliments given. It would come with heart confetti, red washi tape and picture corners so you could paste stuff in. 

In the mood for some old mixtapes now!

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