How to justify your stationery addiction

We all have people in our lives that for whatever reason just don’t get it when it comes to stationery. They are the ones who think it’s ok to borrow your fountain pen. Or who use generic notepads from the office stationery cupboard without even a hint of a shudder.

When they question why you need yet another notebook it’s tempting to cut them out of your life. But if they are a partner or a family member, that might not be an option. In the spirit of appeasement then, here are three things you can do to help them understand your addiction to notebooks/pens/paperclips (delete as appropriate).

One: Gamify it

Gamification is all about the application of game-design elements and principles in non-game contexts (thanks Wikipedia!) So this approach works well if your detractors have a competitive spirit. There’s not much that hasn’t been gamified by this point. Why not stationery addiction?

My suggestion, Notebook Bingo. Works for them. Works for you. What better way to ensure that you’ve got a good mix of brands and formats. Feel free to play along! I’ll call on Twitter and Insta.

Two: Call it a collection

A collection feels official, something that can and should be contributed to over time. Or that you might travel here, there and everywhere to build. Most importantly, it suggests volume and variety. A stationery addiction can be dismissed. A stationery collection – well that’s a horse of a different colour. And there are benefits to you, too.

When I started calling my towering pile of notebooks a collection, it made me think about them in a different way. I wanted to collate them, curate them and treat them a little better than I had done before. It became important to have a mix of different bindings, cover styles and page formats. And a dedicated place to store them.

Back when I was just someone who bought a lot of notebooks, I was less discerning. There was a lot of spiral bound, a lot of wide-ruled. There’s nowt wrong with that of course, but now I’m a notebook collector my purchases are more considered. And better quality for it.

Three: Convert them

I truly believe there is a stationery addict in all of us. It just needs the right item to awaken it. I used to have a particular penchant for animal-shaped pencil cases, before I graduated to notebook love. If there is someone you care about who doesn’t love stationery like you do, convert them. Find the one item of stationery that will make their soul sing. It might be something nostalgic, something useful or just plain fabulous.

This is the most intense of the strategies but the one that will pay dividends over time. Good luck!

Bonus option

Start a blog 😉 Can’t blog about notebooks unless you’ve got a whole heap of them…

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