How should I be journalling?

Journalling is having a moment. You can’t scroll too far down your timeline without seeing a link to a ‘why journalling is good for you’ article.  On Insta there are various hashtags for those seeking inspiring BuJo layouts.  And Youtube is awash with ‘plan with me’ videos.

For those new to the journalling habit or others who’ve lost touch with it, all those guides and articles can feel a little like information overload.  Hopefully I can help with that.

Journalling quiz

I’ve created a quick quiz to help you find out the best way for you to journal.  It is based on things like how much time you have to spend on making entries and how you might have journaled in the past.  But for all that it is pretty light-hearted.  Hopefully it’ll be just the thing if you want to get (back) into journalling but aren’t quite sure how.

Everyday I’m journalling?

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you’ll know I’m quite partial to a list journal myself.  But there are plenty of other options available.  This quiz is designed to help find the one that best suits you.

It may be that you’ve given it a go and didn’t get on too well with the system that you tried.  Or maybe you didn’t have the time or the Washi tape.  If that’s the case, don’t let it put you off.  I genuinely believe there is a way of journalling out there that is just right for you.

So take the quiz today and find out what it is.  And please do share what you get in the comments.  Especially if it feels like what I’m suggesting will work for you!

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