Lou’s fancy notebook

Lou just joined our team at work and she’s got an amazing notebook. It’s got stickies, tear-offs, a jotter, even a secret compartment, well an envelope thingy. Best of all, it’s got a leafy green cover so tropical I was almost reaching for the Jungle Formula.

We met to talk workload and got off to a good start, but then we got side-tracked. The conversation went something like this:

Me: “So how’s your first week go…ooh, I love your notebook’
Lou: “It’s going well so far…it was a present, I always get a fancy notebook for Christmas”

What you need to know

We did talk a little bit about objectives, but this was the salient bit of our chat if I’m honest. So there you have it. In just one snatch of conversation I’ve revealed more or less everything you need to know about me:

  1. I’m easily distracted by pretty stationery – especially during meetings at work
  2. I believe that notebooks are worthy of love, veneration, worship even
  3. If a notebook is beautiful, I have to acknowledge it

That’s why I’ve started this blog – to talk about my love of notebooks in more detail than is probably acceptable in the work context – my passion needs an outlet!

Promises, promises

So here at Ooh, I love your notebook! Oilyn for short, I’ll be celebrating notebooks in all their notebooky glory as well as giving the occasional nod to other types of stationery. I’ll be sharing a tutorial or two on handcrafting notebook covers and asking you, fellow notebook addicts, to help me create a working definition of what makes the perfect notebook.

My intention is to post once or twice a week between my day job, journalling whatever Kikki K has a journal for and making trips to Paperchase.

Next time, notebook conundrums – lines and squares and dots, oh my!

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