Days for stationery addicts to celebrate

There are a whole host of days to celebrate your passion when you’re a stationery addict.  And each year it seems as though more are added to the diary.  Keep an eye out for some of my upcoming favourites (listed in order of what’s next).

National Stationery Week – w/c 23 April 2018

Technically not a day, but a whole glorious week!  And each day a different aspect of stationery to celebrate.  Pens, handwriting, letters – there’s something for all stationery addicts to enjoy.  They call it seven days of stationery.

The festivities are coordinated by stationery industry lynchpin the London Stationery Show.  The high point is World Stationery Day, traditionally the Wednesday of the week.

How to celebrate:
Use the Seven Days of Stationery hashtags to inspire your stationery celebrations:

Monday 23 April – make a note. I’ve blogged on the tools I use to make a note from bullet points, to sticky notes and highlighters.

Tuesday 24 April – pen and pencil

Wednesday 25 April – stationery the world over

Thursday 26 April – work happy

Friday 27 April – a place for everything

Saturday 28 April – get crafty

Sunday 29 April – signature Saturday

Days you might have missed

These are some of the more recent stationery-related celebrations.  But don’t worry  if you missed out.  There’s always next year.

Earlier this year

National Pencil Day – 30 March 2018. Grab a pencil and start sketching.  Or doodling.  Or being nostalgic for the school days before you were allowed to use a pen.  Coloured pencils work, too, btw

National Handwriting Day – 23 January 2018. A day to go analogue.  Step away from the lap top and take all your notes by hand.  It might even inspire some extra creativity.

Back in 2017

Fountain Pen Day – 3 November 2017. Fountain Pen Day is a great way to learn about inks, nibs and fountain-pen-friendly paper.  No show through to see here!

World Calligraphy Day – 16 August 2017. The perfect time to get bettering your lettering, with lots of stores offering discounts and free classes. A day filled with flourishes. Can’t wait for next year.

Bullet Journal Day – 8 August 2017. BuJo’s annual birthday celebrations. A day to share your favourite spreads and enjoy analogue. One for the planner addicts.

NaJoWriMo – month of July.  National Journal Writing Month to the uninitiated. Sign up to the official site for prompts.  Or just grab a journal and jot down your thoughts.  It’s a great way to kick start a regular practice.  I like a list journal myself.

National Ballpoint Pen Day – 10 June 2017.  This one sort of snuck up on everyone.  But hey, if fountain pens can have a day, why not ballpoints.

National Notebook Day – 18 May 2017.  My personal favourite.  But then everyday is national notebook day to me.  Lots of Leuchtturm and Moleskine towers on display on Insta. Full round up here.  And I wrote about my old battered, bruised and used notebooks for a change.

N.B. I’ve included days celebrated all around the world. That’s the point of social media where the majority of these days live, right?


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