Covered in words – some of my favourite notebook covers

I often find myself drawn to notebook covers that feature words in some form or other. An inspiring quotation, a pithy bon mot, even a simple title.

Now that I’ve started thinking of my notebook stash as a collection, I’m starting to see themes emerge and word-led covers is definitely one of them. Here’s a look at some of my favourites and how I’m using them.


Brands: Octagon design
Suited to: Home/work

Notebooks with a single-minded purpose

I think of these as Ronseal designs. ‘Notes’, ‘planner’, ‘lists’: they’re formatted with a single and clearly-stated purpose in mind. Often with a utilitarian aesthetic, these notebooks are usually single colour with a serif font. I find myself drawn to notebooks like this when I need a punch of productivity.

I’m using this particular one to plan my blog posts. Its so user friendly I’m thinking of buying a few more in different sizes.


Brands: Kikki K
Suited to: Home/work

Dreams and thoughts are just examples of the notebooks that I’d put in this category. A close relative of the functional notebooks listed above, they allow for a little more flex and creativity as their insides are usually less structured. Calligraphic fonts on colour backgrounds are the norm, think ombre and pastels.  You’ll also see quirky designs, however. Ohh deer have some beautiful tropical ones with cacti and toucans.


Brands: Happy Jackson
Suited to: Out and about

Notebooks with tongue-in-cheek covers

These notebooks make me smile  – they’re for the times when I need to feel productive, but I’m not taking myself too seriously. I use these notebooks for personal projects, side hustles – that sort of thing.


Brands: Design Ink
Suited to: Out and about

Notebooks that capture a moment

These are the notebooks that are most often exclaimed over. They capture a moment through a particular phrase. Sometimes they can be quite self-revealing. Or contain an eternal truth. I use a notebook of this type as an everyday carry. When the outside is this much fun, I’m less worried about having something particular to put inside.


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