50 ways to fill a notebook – part 1

Notebook addicts in need, look no further.  Here are fifty ways for you to fill the notebooks in your life. And once they’re full? Well, go and buy more of course!

  1. Write a novel

    They say everyone has a novel in them.  I’ve been working on an idea of my own on and off for a couple of years now.  I write longhand because I’m all about the analogue – it’s the perfect way to plough through some pages.  When I’m choosing a notebook for this kind of writing, I prefer wide-ruled, A4 sized. And good quality paper is a must as I’ll be probably be using a fountain pen.  And it has to be a cover that will inspire you.

  2. Keep a gratitude diary

    I’ve been doing this for a while now. Yes, it feels a little forced to begin with, but persevere.  Reading back through your lists is the perfect pick-me-up if you’re having an off day.  I recommend a blank pocket notebook for this – enough space for two or three bullets a day.  But there are lots of dedicated gratitude ones out there.  Kikki K has a great range.

  3. Shopping list

    I used to use a tear-off pad for these and kept forgetting what I’d bought the week before.  I’ve got lots of ground nutmeg now.  Choose a spiral-bound reporter’s notebook. And then if you really do want to take just the one page you can.

  4. Note the books you want to read

    My to-read list was kept on scraps of paper, in the notes section of my phone, on the backs of random envelopes. Now that I’ve almost filled my wall of bookshelves, I have to be a little more selective with the books I buy. I suggest a pocket notebook for this. Create a contents page at the front and dedicate pages for each genre.

  5. Capture quotes

    We’ve all come across a quote that speaks to us. I follow a few accounts on Twitter, but the best ones I capture in a pocket notebook. Choose plain pages and embellish at the edges with scrolls or leaves.

  6. Achievements list

    I’ve written about my achievements lists before.  I write them alongside my to do list everyday. If you’re the sort of person that writes down things you’ve already done just so you can tick them off, this will probably appeal to you. And when you’re swimming in work, it’s good to get a reminder of everything you’ve done as well all the stuff that’s still outstanding.

  7. Password tracker

    I know this goes against all sorts of official advice, but there’s been many occasions when I wish I’d been doing this. Maybe not best for noting down the pin for your debit card, but ideal for random log-ins that you use once a year or less. Just keep it somewhere safe.

  8. Dream Diary

    There’s a few seconds of clarity immediately after you wake when you remember your dreams in perfect detail.  Keep a blank notebook by your bed and write down as much as you can. I’d go for A5 as a minimum – big enough to let your thoughts flow out onto the page, but small enough to fit on your bedside table.

  9. Visitor’s book

    Make like a nineteenth-century hostess and ask your visitors to write you a message before they leave. Hard-bound is best, with thick cream paper that can take all types of pen.

  10. Phone numbers

    This will seem a little random – until you lose your phone. At that point it will come into its own. It might also help you remember some of the more important numbers you need. I’d go for a dedicated notebook here, one that’s got sections for each letter of the alphabet.

Click here for part 2 , here for part 3 and you can find part four here. And five here. Happy notebook filling.

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