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This site is where I share my love of exclamation-worthy stationery – specifically notebooks.  I post about journalling, notebook hauls, and my Papergang subscription, not necessarily in that order. Before I started this blog, I considered myself pretty stationery savvy. But now I realise I was just scratching the surface.

Over the past few months, I’ve visited countless stationers, rediscovered my love of fountain pens, and bought more notebooks than you can shake a stick at.

Along the way, I’ve discovered some gorgeous brands and learnt some new terms, ferrule for example. So I’m also condensing my new-found knowledge into a glossary of sorts. I’m calling it my Stationery Addict Starter Kit. Hopefully it might save you some time or some money on your own stationery journey. On board? Ok, you can scroll down and sign up now.

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Hello. I’m Lianne, you might know me better as notebookblogger,  and Ooh, I love your notebook! is where I indulge my passion for, well, notebooks.

I first realised I was a stationery addict when I counted up my notebooks – even among friends I’m slightly ashamed to admit how many there were! But it’s also what fills them that excites me. Lists, dreams, ideas for novels – I love the fact that every new notebook is the start of a journey.

If Paperchase is your happy place some of the things I write will resonate. I post about the stationery shops I’ve visited, the notebooks I’ve bought and how I use them, about journalling – essentially I’m celebrating notebooks in all their notebooky glory.

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You can read more about how Ooh, I love your notebook! came about in my very first post. But if you want to know a bit more about me, I’m from London, I write and craft and my favourite things are reading, sleeping and my tiny terrier Posy, not necessarily in that order.

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